2022 Main Sessions

Recordings of all the main sessions at this year's conference

Session 1 - Equipping the Church

John-William Noble, of Melville-Knox Schools and a Pastor in Aberdeen opened the conference with a passionate call to action to the church. He noted it was the church who started schools and it is the church that needs to step up once again to provide decent education for our children.

Session 2 - Serving Scotland's Schools

Megan Patterson of Christian Values in Education (Scotland) spoke on how we can influence state schools. She outlined some of the material her organisation produces that helps parents and teachers address the liberal agendas being pursued in schools. Her speech included two guests who shared of how they work in state schools to bring Christian influence into the classroom.

Mains Sessions

Videos of all the main sessions from this year's conference

Session 3 - The State of Education

Andrea Williams, Chief Executive of Christian Concern addressed the conference looking at how we got to where we are today. She focused on legal and policy changes that have led to a gradual but continuous move towards liberal progressive attitudes in education.

Session 4 - Progressivism Vs Traditionalism

Richard Lucas, Leader of the Scottish Family Party spoke on how the Scottish government pushes the liberal progressive agenda at every opportunity and enforces it upon children. He outlined how the Scottish Family Party is taking action in campaigns and policy to help fix education.

Session 5 - ‘Salt and Light and a Nehemiah Spirit in Education’

Steve Beegoo closed out the conference looking at the biblical foundation of education and how we need to be salt and light in the field of education.

2022 Seminars

Recordings of all four seminars from this year's conference

Seminar 1 - Home Education in Scotland

Home educators shared their experience of home educating, providing insights into curriculum paths and taking questions from the floor.

Session 2 - State School Influence

Megan Patterson, Kate Mitchell and others working to influence schools lead this session on how we can all help to influence state school education positively.

Seminar 3 - Independent School Development

Steve Beegoo led this session on independent school development for those interested in setting up schools with a Christian focus. Steve was joined by others already working in this area including Bev Kelly, headteacher of Mannafields primary school in Edinburgh.

Main Stage - Legal and Political Questions

Our guest speakers from the fields of law and politics took questions across various topics