Meet the Organiser: Niel Deepnarain

niel deepnarain

Meet the Organiser: Niel Deepnarain

Many have been asking who is organising this Conference – Meet Niel…

Niel Deepnarain is a Rhema Bible College Graduate from South Africa majored in Christian Counselling, Community leadership and Ministerial Training. Moved to the UK nearly 17 years ago and has been involved in various ministry roles and in the entertainment industry. After a few years of doing various roles including a youth Pastor role in a very well-known Church in London Niel attended the Wilberforce Academy in 2015 and began to see a shift in society and wanted to make a difference and got involved with Christian Concern then started working for Christian Concern and his role varied as the work with Christian Concern is building a movement which never ends.

Niel always had this urge/need for Scotland and in 2020 felt the call to move to Scotland not knowing anyone and what he will do but in December 2020 he moved. This was really a step of faith and after a few months of being in Edinburgh he began to see why God called him to Edinburgh, which is to stand for truth, bring unity and make a difference in Scotland. Niel is now involved in Mannafields Christian School, heavily involved in Politics with the Scottish Family Party – he is the Edinburgh and Lothians Chairman, the clerk for the party and part of the core leadership team – Niel has been living by faith while doing all of this.

He started working for Destiny Church as the Personal Assistant to Pastors Andrew and Sue Owen earlier this year and is part of the Destiny Church senior leadership team for Edinburgh and the ministry. Niel is also on the board for the National Prayer Breakfast for Scotland – all of this has taken place within the last year – not knowing anyone or the why’s – God has opened great doors and is making a way for His will to be done.

Niel’s heart is to see a shift in the education system for the good and hopefully start a Christian secondary school, help with a start of one and to see more of God’s work being done in Love, Truth and Unity.

Niel sees the breakdown of family, breakdown with some of the Church which is silent and causing disunity and how Children are so lost and the Education system in Scotland is not helping to build Children up the right way and this is why true Holy Spirit empowered Christian Education is needed and its why we are coming together tomorrow at Unite for Education because together we can make a difference.

Niel has put this conference together by God’s strength and grace and is believing for great things to take place in Jesus Name 🙏

So looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow, it’s going to be a victorious day for us all.